Pet Aftercare


Dr. Rosen has partnered with Pets Above, a local family owned and operated pet crematory committed to providing the best in pet aftercare services. The team at Pets Above understand the importance of dignified, respectful and compassionate aftercare and promise that your pet will be handled with the same amount of care and respect that they would show their pets. Pets Above provide two different types of cremation services to choose from. Please advise Dr. Rosen of the desired type of cremation for your pet, and she will make arrangements with Pets Above:


Private Cremation: With this service, your beloved pet will be cremated alone in his/her private chamber. Once the cremation service is completed, the cremated remains of your pet will be returned to you. Each private cremation includes a complimentary burial/scattering urn. Decorative urns are available at additional cost.


Communal Cremation: With this service, your beloved pet will be cremated in a group setting together with other pets. Once the cremation service is complete, the cremated remains are removed and later interred at the Ancaster Pet Cemetery in a communal burial plot. Please Note: with this service the cremated remains of your pet will not be returned to you.


Optional Memorialization

A variety of optional decorative urns, paw prints, and many other beautiful products are available as a way to further memorialize your beloved pet. You can browse optional memorial products by clicking here. *Personalization (engraving) is offered complimentary on any purchased urns/keepsakes courtesy of Dr. Rosen.


Once you have chosen the cremation service for your pet, Dr. Rosen will provide you with your pet's unique pet reference #, which can be used to browse/select optional memorial products using the "Memorialize Your Pet" online portal at www.petsabove.com. You will have the opportunity to choose additional memorial products for 48 hours following the passing of your pet. If you require more time to do this, please contact Dr. Rosen or Pets Above, and they will be happy to assist you.




If I choose "Private" cremation, how can I be assured that I will receive the cremated remains of my pet?


As an accredited pet crematory, Pets Above adheres to a strict set of procedures and protocols to ensure that the cremated remains that are being returned to you are those of your pet. Your pet will be assigned a unique pet reference # (barcode) and identification tag, which will follow him/her throughout the entire cremation process, ensuring accuracy and accountability at every step.


If I choose "Private" cremation, does the service include an urn?


Each private cremation service includes a burial/scattering urn. A variety of decorative and permanent urns are available at an additional cost.


How long does the cremation process take?


The process typically takes about one week. Some memorial products may slow down the process as they will need to be custom made or ordered.


Who will transport my pet to the crematorium?


Dr. Rosen will make arrangements with Pets Above to have your pet transported to the crematorium.


Where can I pick-up the cremated remains or memorial products?


Once the process is complete, everything will be hand delivered to Dr. Rosen by Pets Above. She will contact you directly to make pick-up arrangements.




Dr. Rosen and the team at Pets Above would be honoured to take care of the aftercare arrangements for your pet. If you have any questions about the services and products available, the aftercare process or any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Rosen. She would be happy to answer them for you.